Web viewer camera preview

Hello everyone, I would like to raise the topic of previewing the image from the webcam in the web viewer. I read here a few teams about how to run it from what I see are quite old and maybe new methods have already been found. I need it to take a picture and while there is no problem when calling the camera in android and ios, if you run it in the browser, it will take a picture, but you can’t see the preview before taking the picture, I wanted to run it in the browser.

Are you actually trying to use the camera in a Web Viewer component or just in a browser?

With respect to the browser, this issue was requested over two years ago but has not been added: Camera Viewfinder for Web Apps · Issue #763 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub


Specifically, I wanted to do a preview in the web app option before taking the photo. We know very well that you can take a photo in the browser, but not know the preview before taking the photo. Thanks for the links, unfortunately they don’t work.

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