Native camera thru web viewer


I’m interested on your solution on creating native apps

However. Is it capable to connect native camera to the iframe web app? or is it possible to iframe my web app with camera integration and use your web viewer. Do the camera of the web app will allow ?

Our use case is for timekeeping purposes wherein an employee time-in thru selfie.

Have you tried this yet?

Yes i already have the web app. and for some reason i tried the web viewer on the builder and seems that the camera doesn’t recognized on it. Whats the possible reason ?

I don’t think that the web viewer allows access to the camera. However, there is a video recording component that will allow you to upload a video to cloud Ineri. Once it’s in cloud an area you could use an integral mat to move it to wherever you really need to store it because cloud Ineri isn’t necessarily the best place to hold files but it is free it holds a lot so it’s nice for building apps out.