How to allow mic. , camera access to webviewer


This is my first project on ThunkableX . I am using X because i would like my app to be used on ios too. Is ther a way to allow mic. and camera access on the webviewer component?


Hi @CloVlo, hope you’re enjoying your first experiences with Thunkable X!

At the moment there’s no way to access these components through the webviewer, however you might be able to use the native camera and speech recognizer components?

What sort of app are you trying to build?


Its an app to provide instant healthcare in India by using live streaming service .
so the live chat feature must be available in the app itself…
is it possible in thunkable classic atleast?


Maybe with an extension? Try asking in the #thunkable-extensions category.


Is it possible through the WebViewer Interact Extension ?