GetUserMedia and WebView

I am using Thunkable X, because i need the crossplatform-possibility.
I have created a webview-app which works fine for viewing some content.
But i have a site with getusermedia (webcam).
In chrome everything is fine but with the app, there is only a symbol of the cam but no stream.
The error says something about permissions, but the app is installed with permission for camera.
What can i do?


I’m afraid that without seeing your project, I can not say anything about this.

Does the code in your site use the “navigator.mediaDevices” object?

this is a copy.


I understood. I have this situation.

On iOS 10.3.3, WebViewer displays an error, and the system browser (which is called with the “open link” block) does not request access to the camera and, therefore, the camera window does not work.

On iOS 11.4.1, WebViewer displays an error, but external browser (open link) works with it.

I checked. The navigator.mediaDevices object does not exist in WebViewer.

Ok, thank you.
So there is no way to do it with webview?
Is is possibel, to write the code directly into the app?

Yes, unfortunately the service does not work in WebViewer yet.

What code do you want to write in the app? While you can write Javascript code for use in WebViewer.