WebViewer Object issue

Hi overthere!

I’m newbie with thunkable / appinventor.

I’m trying to run a simple app: only one WebViewer object with home url:


This webpage works like a charm on PC’s based browsers, and Opera & Chrome at Android 5.01 phone.

But when i run the app, or executhe them at AI Companion, the html is loaded, but not html5 objects are executed.


Are another way to capture a windowed live camera for 320 x 240 image resolution ?

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance,

David de Argentina

I have a Google Chrome 67 version of the browser on my PC. Experimental functionality is enabled, but the site on the specified link does not work. What should happen when you click on the button Grab Frame or Take Photo? What should be displayed in the Video source list? Is there an example of this service? If there is no example, is it worth it to waste time?

Hi actech,

After load the html, browser ask you for permission to use the cam.
When you allow this, realtime cam appairs on screen.
If you use the phone, you could select between front or rear cam.
Both grab frame and take photo produces a image, using different techniques…

I use Firefox 52.9.0 (32-bits) on my XP SP3 machine and works well…

Thank you for the information about the operation of this service. Now I’m ready to work with him a little and give you an answer. If services work in browsers on PC, then there is a high probability that we will be able to use them on a mobile device. But I’m confused by the requirement to use a certain browser.

So, I opened a link on Android, chose a camera and an image appeared in the workspace. Then I press the Grab Frame or Take Photo button but nothing happens. Question: what should happen when you click the Grab Frame and Take Photo buttons?

Sorry, but I did not understand what it is?

After you click Grab Frame or Capture Photo buttons, you get the images you shot.

In order to know differences between Grab Frame and Capture Photo methods, see the point 3 of this link:


These pictures were once displayed on the screen or somewhere saved? When I click on a button then the impression is that nothing happens. Must be something on the screen to change after pressing the buttons?

I ask this in order to understand, whether the service work in system browser. While on my Android I do not see the operation of this service. If something is not working in the system browser, then with high probability this will not work in the WebViewer.