Camera access on mobile web app


Im building an app that needs to take a photo, using the camera block will work fine when testing from the thunkable mobile app but when publishing the app into web app (both web or mobile) will not show the camera function to take a photo.

First time i use it im ask for permision and i can see the camera icon in Safari or Chrome but i cant see the image i like to take the photo to…am i missing something??


There are quite a few features that won’t work on a mobile device when published as a web app even thought the feature (such as voice recognition) works on a downloaded version of the app on the same device. I don’t understand the technical reasons for this but it’s very possible the camera is one of those such features.


As per documentation, camera is suposed to be supported on web app published apps


I just realized the camera is working, itll take the picture and upload it into the selected database…but what i cant see is the stream of the camera so i can see what im taking a photo to. Is there any component needed to see the content of the camera on web app??

It’s true that the camera feature is not listed as unsupported in web apps. I suppose that’s an indication it should work.

But you’re right, it doesn’t. If I preview this on my iPhone in Thunkable Live, it works as expected showing the camera “recording” view and the image I captured:

But if I publish it as a web app and view it in Chrome on my iPhone, nothing happens when I tap the Take Photo button.

You can submit this as a bug on GitHub:

And with the advanced blocks, it doesn’t show an error (the green error block just has a blank value):

I logged the issue on github but no answer since December 2020…Camera will not stream on Webapp · Issue #763 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

Have i done something wrong?

Hi Team

Since this is not working, can you think on any workaround so I can take photos from my webapp?

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I am having this issue too. Does anyone have further thoughts?