User image upload to a webapp

Hi gang,

I am using Thunkable to build a webapp.
I would like the user to be able to upload their own images.
The PhotoLibrary compnent works great on mobile, however I want to know if it can work when using Thunkable on a desktop?
TIA :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 6.53.12 am

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Unfortunately, Photo Library is not supported in web apps. See the documentation link here


Camera should really be added to that list and labeled as “Supported but may not work as expected”.

You can get the camera on a desktop (e.g. iMac) to turn on and it will automatically take a photo after a few of seconds but that’s it. There’s no way to adjust it or manually determine when the photo is taken. It’s almost unusable but occasionally I’ll use it for quick testing of an app’s camera feature.

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Ah no worries, thanks for your quick reply muneer.

Does anyone have any suggestions of other options? Are there good free webapp building platforms out there? I used to use but it very expensive.

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If you can do JavaScript and HTML, see this

I can’t do Java or HTML… maybe I should learn.

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