Web View Upload Files



I have a form developed in php with option to send images, it does not work in webview

php form url: https://bit.ly/2CQDzGT


that is the normal behavior, because the webviewer component is no full browser


Do you have any solution?


to upload files, you can try one of the webviewer extensions
for a list of available extensions see here https://puravidaapps.com/extensions.php

also you might want to do a search in the forum next time…
for example https://community.thunkable.com/search?q=webviewer%20upload%20%23classicdiscuss%20order%3Alatest



@Taifun, it looks like Fernando is using Thunkable X, I’ve changed the tag to reflect this.


It does work in iOS, so this is an Android issue. I know that’s not particularly helpful, but may be useful for Thunkable staff if they are troubleshooting.


Does it really work in iOS?
Using the Thunkable app, when i click on the upload button and select a picture from the photo library i only have a cancel button. When i take a picture the app does not respond.


Of course it works ? What do you wanna do after it ? Where should the picture go after the user selected it ?
You want to so it in the app ? database ? cloud ? app ?
You have to tell the app after select photo, show photo there and there … A better description would help if you wanna explain :slight_smile:


like i said it is not possible to select the picture in the iOS picture browser, clicking on it has no effect.


Because you don’t chose a action ?
Have a look on the GRAM app from thunkable sample app :slight_smile: You will see that it work and how to do it


If you telle me what you wanna do after clicking the image I can explain it to you


I need this to upload a profile picture through a web page I want to display in the web viewer.

The upload is working well using Safari or any other browser (on iPhone, Android or Windows).

It also works using the Thunkable Classic web viewer.

It does not work properly when the same web page is displayed by the Thunkable X web viewer.


I encounter the same issue too… as I want to have a function to upload video, I try to use webviewer of thunkableX to direct to a web page which works well in Safari, but fails in webviewer.


Webview is not working on ios app itunes connect