Select image from device not working in webview

Hello guys,
please I need some help in my simple webview app. I am trying to click a button to select image from my device from the webview but the button isn’t clicking, but this works on the classic version(for example I want to make a post and need to select image to add the image needed in the post). But I need the app for both android and ios. More so, when on classic the webview page length is always longer than the actual page bottom.
Please help


I’m sorry, but I did not understand what needs to be done. We have a native part and a WebViewer. I did not understand in which part there is a button for selecting an image, the image itself and a blog. Can you show an example of blocks that work in Classic, show X blocks, or give a link to a project that does not work in X?

It was from the webviewer. On thinkable x, when running the webviewer, the select file on the website doesn’t work. But works fine on classic


I have the same issue, selecting an image is still not working in the webviewer,

The following simple example works fine in Safari

But when the same page is display using the webviewer, it is impossible to choose the image using IOS or Android

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