Publish to web images

The publish to web is a really useful feature. is it likely that features like camera and photo library will be supported anytime soon? Also I’m finding it does not display any background images or images even if they are files that have been imported as part of the project…

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Hey @badbrains :wave:

The camera has worked fine for me, provided you give your browser permission to interact with your camera.

The photo library is on our “not supported yet” list, so the hope is that support will be added in the future. Can you tell us a little more about your use case for this component?

Finally I’m not familiar with the background image issue. Do you know if there’s a ticket open for this? If not can you create a demo app that consistently displays this behaviour?


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thanks for getting back to me will check again :ok_hand:

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Hi Domhnall, Here is a link for a demo app
the camera does not work even though it has been allowed in settings. Also found some of the fonts are not showing correctly on this and slider didn’t seem to function for me on another project. thanks for your time.