Web viewer broken by recent Thunkable update?

Hi, im building an app that needs a google form with multiple pages to be embed into the app using web viewer. The google form needs user to click the ‘next’ button in the web viewer to proceed, and it is working normally until yesterday when I recompile the app. Now, when the user clicks the next button, the web viewer will refresh itself and refuses to go to the second page of the google form. I believe this is caused by a recent Thunkable update on the web viewer.

Is there anyway to bypass this new bug? Making the google form to be one page only is not an option for me as I need the pages function to direct the user to different questions according to their previous answers.

If you open the form in an incognito web browser, how does it behave @aliencaocao? Is there any log in requirement or email collection happening in your form?

nope. I open in Chrome incognito on both android and ios and desktop all works normally. It’s just inside the thunkable web viewer, which was also working nicely until the update about some go forward/backward function with web viewer. I think that is the culprit but i am not sure why would it cause such bug.