[Solved] My design used to work but it doesn't now

I need help on how to fix my # design and web-viewer’s code which used to work but it doesn’t anymore.
Contents don't wrap properly (solved) :link:
But now, no.
Thunkable Project :link: was an app that worked, and it worked perfectly fine without it being touched. I tried so many options, but without success. Can someone help me? Thanks. :grinning:
Edit: Okay, I have fixed the problem of contents not wrapping properly by setting the “Label Info”'s width to 100% relative size. :smiley: But the rload button just does the same thing as home button, which is a bug i need help with.

What is the problem you’re having with it and on what devices?

Before, the “Rload” button used to work, now it doesn’t, as it just goes to home.

I don’t see a Button component named “Rload”. You’ll have to give more details…

i’m just bumping this thread because it has been inactive and i still need help

You’ve provided such little information that it’s really hard to help you.

When I have trouble with Thunkable, I find it’s useful to simplify the project to eliminate things that don’t affect the issue I’m having.

Take a look at this simplified project: Thunkable

Perhaps that’s helpful to you to narrow down the cause of the problem… which I still don’t really understand because you’ve just said “it used to work, now it doesn’t.” :man_shrugging:


As @tatiang mentioned we need more info. Can you share the blocks screen so we can try and see how everything is laid out? What is SUPPOSED to happen when you click Reload? Does it just refresh the screen/page back to your default settings?

Hello, this is the alt account of @afnanfozailcw81 :bust_in_silhouette: . Sorry if I reply late, I’m always busy :grin: :desktop_computer:

@samclever @tatiang Okay. So when I click on the “reload” button it’s supposed to reload the current page that I’m on. However, the bug is, that if I click on reload it just goes back to the page I used to be on. This is my reload button script and my other piece of code because @tatiang’s remix doesn’t work:

And for reference, this is what ButtonRefresh is:
Yet, instead of it reloading the current page, it goes back to where I started, even though I went to a different url from the previous url. For example, when I went to www.windows.com, I clicked on the “Shop for a windows 11 PC” button. Then I reloaded. Instead of it reloading to https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/view-all-devices, it goes to www.windows.com back. What happened here?
Please help. :grin: :question:
Edit :memo:: In fact, the label above the web_viewer1 did nothing to change the url. Removing app veriable reload from the forever loop and the button reload script did nothing.

Try duplicating the blocks set app variable currURL to Web_Viewer1's URL inside the if function before the block set Web_Viewer1's URL to "about:blank"

@shrey Thanks for your solution. But sorry, that also didn’t work. I duplicated, but not moved it to the start of the if condition. I also put it before reload function, still didn’t work.
Edit: My bad :sweat_smile: I didn’t even use Live Test! I have been doing the preview the whole time. Anyways, let’s see how it’d be like on live test. I will test it and will give you update once I test it there.

Why aren’t you using this block?


@tatiang It does the same thing: go back to the previous page instead of reloading the current page. Tried it for myself.
It feels like there is a complicated thing about this and there may be a bug with Thunkable’s “call web viewer reload” block. Hopefully there’s some way to resolve this.

It works fine for me when I test it on my phone. I think it’s an issue with the web preview.

It works fine for me when I test it on my phone.

@shrey i agree. I thought about testing this on live test. I’m making you the temporary solution for now.

I think it’s an issue with the web preview.

That’s what raised the question for me: Why is the Thunkable Live app performing differently?

Yess! It works! I tested it on android! @shrey is right.