Why is the Thunkable Live app performing differently?

When you preview your app on the web browser, you see that it’d look like this :desktop_computer:.

And on mobile, the testing UI looks like this :iphone::

Notice the play buttons having different icons. This could be by the OS’s UI (Mine’s Android).
But then, you’ll notice some shadows and alternated green boxes. You also notice the trapezoids in the boxes for some reason.
This raises the question more. Well it could be the OS, but I’m not really sure about that.
Another example is a reply like this to a thread.
Uploading several files at once - #10 by afnanfozailcw8 :link:
If you’d like to see the link:
Thunkable :link:
Please read the original poster’s original post too. It says that it doesn’t work on his end. To view that post, scroll to the top.
So that’s what raises the question why it’s different on different UI’s. Sometimes it shows you results on Thunkable X. But in the end, it just wasn’t expected not to work, or you’ve just been wasting time fixing this bug.

Has this ever happened, feel free to share your short story in the replies. But to the people who know a bit about Thunkable X UI/Live Testing app UI, you should share some ideas to solve the problem. So not only share your stories, but also give ideas why, that’s probably more important: otherwise it’ll be closer to becoming an #off-topic post.
Thanks for reading.

Hi, any reason why?

We are awaiting some of your replies for possible reasons why this occurs :clock5:.

We are still awaiting…
Bumping this thread to the top…

Are you sure you’re using the latest version of the companion app?

Yes, it’s up-to-date.

To bump this thread, I am once again up-to-date.


hello i am bumping this

If your problem concerns live test, could you please try downloading the APK
Let us know if it worked.

Hi, @ioannis,
I was just asking, but anyways, I will send you the link when it’s: