Google form webview


I have embedded a Google Form as a webviewer in place of putting text input fields (I found the text input fields clunky when they started getting large). The form while not looking as schmick, i’m finding is more responsive to different phone sizes.

A few questions:

I’ve read a few comments saying that Google forms can cause your app to get rejected? Is this true?

Is there a way to navigate to a different screen once the google form has been submitted? Essentially it would just need a track whether the URL has changed. I’ve checked and the url changes once the form has been submitted if its in a standalone page but does not change if its embedded anywhere.


if this is not a current possibility, I believe it will be added soon! Keep poking around. Ideally, you don’t need the form and can do this programmatically with blocks and visual components. How big of a phone are you talking that you are having issues? I have a signin page that looks as good on a computer as it does on my iphone

In my head it should be doable with some sort of “check every second” block to see if the url has changed, if it has, then navigate to desired screen but not sure what blocks does that.

The form is for making journal entries so its a very large string of text (hundreds of lines). I’m finding the text input fields really clunky. App works great but regularly crashes when entering the text entry fields.

i suppose that works. if you have a variable with an object

set a variable to the current URL

every few secs, check if the current URL = the stored variable, if not, set the url of the webbrowser to some new url

you can see url switching in action here.

beginner question, how do i “check” every few seconds?

Okay this is how far i’ve got. When i change the logic block to = url (the url being the one set as default in the webviewer settings), it seems to work and will automatically progress to the desired page but when i’ve set it was does not equal it seems nothing happens despite what page i’m on.