Why does if-do-else not work? - Webviewer URL question


I have a question about these blocks of code and why they don’t work.


If | Web_Viewer2’s URL = “------this is the url------”
Do | Navigate to “the next page”
Else | Set “text” 's Text to “Please fill in the form first”

I am trying to make a web embed form so the user must finish the form, then click the button, and if they don’t finish it the button will say “Please fill in the form first”.

The form I used is Zoho Forms, which also lets people upload files to the form, so I can see the photos people upload.

So the Zoho forms URL changes after you submit, so the Web_viewer2’s URL should also change, right?

Also, uploading doesn’t work when inside the app, so it kinda defeats the purpose of the form and the screen.

I’d guess that the URLs don’t match @leew18

Why not check if the URL contains /form/ or something specific to the page you want them to be on?

There are two links, the first one is the link to the form, and the second one in the submitted link. I am trying to make it so if the Webviewer is displaying the “submitted page” then they can press the button. Else, the text above the button will say: “Please fill in the form first”.

Surely this is a dynamic URL though, no? That’s why I suggested doing a partial match instead

Everytime I try to do the the form the URL is always the same.
Link one is form. It changes to Link Two that is the thankyou Submitted page.

Original link: Zoho Forms

Submitted link:
Zoho Forms

ah…sorry, my bad. I think this is an issue with the Web_Viewer2's URL block, which I think is a static value.

Let me check that and I’ll get back to you.

While I’m looking at that - wondering if you have a Web_Viewer1 in your app somewhere?

Yes, I have a Web_Viewer1 on the next page but it is not related to Web_Viewer 2.

I found out that the live test on the website doesn’t work but the Thunkable Live app works.