Web View resize bug on iOS


I have a bug on my app: I have a screen with only a Web Viewer on my first page, I set its height to fits content, and minimum height to 100%. It works well on my iPhone 7, but on my iPhone 12 mini, when it opens the look is as expected:

But if I move from my app (or take a screenshot for example), the size of my Web Viewer changes, and I see the background on top and bottom of my screen.

It was already pointed in this topic. (I also lose the status bar, but this is less important for now). I don’t know what causes this issue, but it works well on Android and small iPhone screens. It seems to be only related to bigger/more recent iPhones.

Does anyone already faced and found a solution to this issue?


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If I come back to setting the height of the Web Viewer to the height of the screen, the menu goes under the bottom of my screen:

Again it’s only on iOS, it works well on Android.

Hi, I am also (still!!!) facing this issue on my iOS (x and XR) . Very frustrating and I know this is reported as a bug already multiple times but nothing seams to happen (as far as I know anyway). I am still waiting for this to be fixed as this is the only thing left for some of my apps to be published…

Hi @yoannrky4dd @andreas.sjdtomypv thanks for reporting this. We’ve shared with our engineering team and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for your patience!


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Hi there,

The linked topic seems to address the Status bar, which looks like slightly different behavior to what you’re reporting here.

Is this a Drag and Drop project or a Snap to Place project?

Could you create a minimal app that demonstrates this behavior?
If you could share a single-screen app with us, that contains a Web Viewer, and tell us how to replicate this behavior on a device, it would help us replicate and resolve this behavior.


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Hi Jane,

Yes, but the bug was already mentionned in the thread: [Solved] Status bar color blending issue - #123 by andreas.sjdtomypv

It’s a snap project, as the drag and drop feature wasn’t present when I started the project (it would take a loads amount of time to port it from snap to drag and drop, as there is no option to automatically port it AFAIK).

I’m trying to reproduce the behavior on a simple public app, I’ll post the link here when it’d be done.


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You have the option to present your test project in DnD (Drang and Drop) or StP(Snap to Place). Either way should be fine.

This is the link of the public app which reproduces the same weird behavior as mentionned above (size of Web Viewer changing after moving the app) : Thunkable

Here is a link of the issue added in GitHub.

This is good information of the problem with carefully mock-ups trying to include all issues coming up regarding background and status bars on iPhone X and XR. It was a good while ago this was reported and still I haven’t heard of any changes etc so I really hope this could be a start to it. I don’t know if we are talking about the exactly same issue here but it seem to be related no doubt!

Hi cassandra,

Do you have any news on that topic? It has been two weeks since your last message, did your engineers make any improvement on that?




Hello. I have the same problem with Android App. How can I set 100% height and width?

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Hi thunkable.
Anything new regarding this issue? It has been raised as a bug for very very long now….:confused:

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Am I alone in thinking that this is a kind of major issue? Have anyone heard anything? I haven’t.
Maybe I’m am working in a wrong way but for me it’s very important and kind of obvious that if you want a background image to fill the whole screen for example, and set the settings to do so, you would want that to be the case for all models.?? Of course this could be very difficult issue to solve for the engineers, and also it can definitively be that this issue isn’t fully understood by the dev team, but I think that this would be a reason to get back to the ones who have had this problems then, either to say that this will not be solved, or there are questions about the request or what ever…but, for me anyway, I haven’t heard anything from almost anyone… I love Thunkable and the features and people around and I have had in mind to go with the pro account for a wile, but I am sorry, that won’t happen until this feeling of “unimportant”/ or “misunderstood” is passed…
Thanks for a great service otherwise, if someone have tried to update me or some other regarding this I am sorry for this text but I haven’t seen it, and if so, thanks a lot and will have a look at that reply directly. Kind regards, A

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Hey! Thanks for poking us about this. I’ll check with the engineers during our meeting on Monday!


Thanks a lot! :blush::heart:

Hi, what happened on that meeting? Anything new? :blush:

Hey @andreas.sjdtomypv

No updates yet. It seems that the bar is still there for me too on both android and iOS. Is this preventing you from being able to publish at the moment or would a fix improve the UI for you?

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Hi. Ok thanks for your answer. Well, this makes me stay away from publishing any of my apps as the look and design is very important for me! All of my apps is (and probably will) be based on Colours, images, shapes and art, with probably always images or colours as background, so as long as this is still an issue no apps will be published for me, and also this makes me stay as a free Thunkable-user and not go “pro”. I have a few apps that are technical finished and ready to publish, so, for me it’s really sad this (maybe silly?) issue is still an issue…
So, a fix for this would make my hole experience with Thunkable go from a fun but not useful code-park to an actual tool for make and create apps and go from idea to app in a great, cool and fun way, with great and awesome support and professional help!
/ thanks! Andreas

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Can you provide some visual examples that currently prohibit you from publishing? It may help our engineers sort things out.

Yea sure. I have done that a few times all ready but the most clearly example is inside of this GitHub report: Background image won't cover my screen on iPhone XR after download · Issue #964 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

This image demonstrate the problem well on one of my apps, which shows that what ever I do it will look really bad on some devices, and for me this is not acceptable looking, it looks really awe full so I would never publish anything that could look like this for some users.