Web viewer does not fill the whole android phone screen

I have a similar issue on the android. The web viewer does not fill up the whole screen.

I need a fix and can’t find any docs on this issue.

Hi @ssam80058wl2e, thanks for reaching out. We put a fix out for this issue about a month ago. When you are viewing the project on Android, are you using the Thunkable Live app? If so, could you let us know what version you are using?

If you have downloaded the app or it is published, you will want to send out a new update so that the fix is applied to your project.

Let us know if you have any further questions!

In the Thunkable app, it looks normal. But, as an Android app, the top is way up and at the bottom is about a quarter of an inch short of where you can see the screen page behind the web viewer.

Note, the top of the web viewer is behind the android phone top bar that has the camera.
The RED rectangle area is the Screen color behind web viewer that is very short on the Samsung S20.