Background image

I would like to know the size of the background image for the home screen?

Functions for determining this in Thunkable X are not yet available. You can find it from the screen resolution guide for your device. For example, the resolution of iPhone6 ​​= 1334 × 750px (retina). This is true when the status bar is off (ShowStatusBar = false). Taking into account the double density, the size of the image area covering the full screen will be 667x375px.

Hello everyone…I want to ask how to add gif image and it’s not cover my backround screen image…I’ve try using webview and extension but when it run in live test the animated gif playing diffrent with what I seen in “designer mode”…pls help…thankyou


Have you tried to use the zoom mode in the Image component? The view in designer mode and on the device is really different. The developers know about this.

Animation with the Lottie component does not suit you?

How you use extension in Thunkable X???

did you mean “zoom display” in web viewer property?..yes I’ve try it but not work…

I download it…

Only i not noticed thunkable x supports extensions?
Please tell me

I’m sory I’m newbie…I dnt know about Thunkable X…may be I enter wrong topic here??..


Unfortunately, extensions are not yet available on Thunkable ✕. If you tell us which extensions you’d like us to see, we will try to develop them as components.

I know, but i thought there was an update, and i just not checked Thunkable X relase notes :slight_smile:

And i want only more improvements to the webviewer, etc. Back, forward, and downloading files.

1 - Access/Import Device Contacts
2 - Access/View Device Calendar Events