Background image won't cover my screen on iPhone XR after download [Aug. 2022]


I am trying to use an image as background for my screen. But I got an issue with this, this applies for all my apps which I am trying to fill the background-images for.

So, in this example I have an image that is 1396 × 2424 pixels which I use as an background image for my Screen, so I have put it as a background directly in my Screen,
I use Cover mode, I have also tried Stretch and contain, but none of these will fill my screen after download the app to my phone. It looks ok in the simulator but as soon as I download it it will display like this:

When use the “ignore notch area” - it will not show my backgroundimage on either top or bottom.

When use a colour for that area - it shows that colour on top only, not bottom, AND the top gets a white stripe in it… as if the colour missed a piece… or the notch area was not heigh enough.

When use transparent for that area the backgroundimage won’t show for either top or bottom.

This is a given color in ”notch area background color”  This is ”notch area background color transparent”  This is ”ignore notch area” 

My guess is that this is a bug, or else I would need some guidance how I should do and what I do wrong. The issue seems to be related to iPhones with bigger screens only.

To day I got a new level of this issue, as I am no longer aloud to download the app for IOS, I can not test this at the moment. But I would really need some help in follow this bug (if it is a bug) up, and make sure this won’t be an issue for any one/user for my apps using an iPhone with bigger screens. Until this is confirmed I will not publish anything I afraid (that said, I won’t pay anything for the Thunkable service). But I will gladly do when this is not an issue any longer!



Can you show what it looks like in live view and or the simulator?

hi, yes of course. This is how it looks like there. No white bars or lines.

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Wierd, I dont know why it’s doing that.

Anyone have any ideas?

Hey there all

I tested this just now
this screen is how it looks in design, same in live preview,

you can see i’ve given it a background color of light blue. the dark blue is a background image given to the screen
Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 1.52.50 PM

and on my device iPhone 13 Pro Max it looks like this

you can see that the hamburger button has extended into the notch area and that there is no white bar separating anything. the background image goes from top to bottom, stretched to fill the screen.

Can you please try publishing a new version and testing?


Hi. Oh!! That is exactly what I am aiming for, so, if you got that working then I guess it is not a bug on my side then?! Then it is me doing something wrong here? I get not this working on any of my apps.
Could you please describe exactly what you did to get that working? I could try that as well then, but I will not be able to test it as I can not download the app any longer, but maybe if I share the project and you can try? (I guess you are using TestFlight or so?

Thanks a lot!


You can publish your app to TestFlight and download it to your phone.

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Hi, yes but I don’t have TestFlight. (You need to pay for that, right?) but I am planning to get it soon…


Once you paid for the Apple Developer annual subscription fee then you can use it.

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I see. And if I would like to publish my apps through AppStore later I need to upgrade to pro-account for Thunkable as well, right?

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Yes, you will need to be subscribed as PRO or use the 2 download per month from the FREE plan if it works with iOS.