Web app stuck to old outdated URL, even after updates

Is there a way to reset the URL of a web-published app? Even after multiple updates to my app content, unpublishing and republishing many times, one of my xThunkable app is providing a link to an outdated old link. No matter what I do, it still publishes the same old link. I can’t seem to get rid of the original URL. Any suggestions? Thanks, Tony

The URL is not meant to change with update. That’s what makes it like an app store even better because users don’t need to update. As long as your content updates, why will you need to change URL?

thanks for the reply.
because the URL is not showing any updates I have made to the app.
what is showing now is severely outdated changes. So, as of now, this URL is not helping me.

Oh. That’s an issue. Take it up with support in chat. They’ll be able to help you out.

Thanks. I already have.

just to be clear, I have added the above description of the issue in a chat box, within Thunkable.
Are you suggesting there is a different issue-reporting approach? Is there an issue-tracking system?