Published url changed


Ive seen theres been a change in plans, before i was able to publish responsive web-apps with my PRO plan but now im not.

I’ve done some changes into my app and published it as mobile but the now the URL has change and im not able to disable the old one…any idea how can i solve this?


Any support team that can help here? I have many of my users accessing the old URL, how can i disable it? I don’t want to get to the level of having to change the login code…

Hey there

When you’re publishing an app as a web app, in that same modal there is also a small text that says unpublish app . You’ll need to click that so that the previously usable URL is no longer usable. You’ll need to do it from the original project that the app was published from.

The issue is i had the app published as responsive web-app, but now the pro legacy version does not allow it. Due to the issues we’ve gone through summer i had to make some changes and publish as Mobile webapp wich i dont know why generated a new URL.

So, when i unpublish the app im unpublishing the new url but the old one still remains.

Old URL (the one i need to unpublish) is : thunkablecompanion

The new generated url is:

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