How Un-publish Web App

Hi there,

i have the PRO plan and, in order to show a customer a preview of his app, i published as Web App.
In my mind it was just temporary.
After a couple of days i realized i just have 2 Web App available in my PRO plan and, at the moment, i would like to unpublish one and get the slot back.

Is it possible?

Hello @maurizio.polverini89 , could you please try to select “Disable published link” and then DONE to unpublish the Web App and get back your slot?

Hi, thank you for your time.

There’s not button such as DONE in that window unfortunatly.
I tried to do “unpublish link” but it still won’t let me publish new ones

@maurizio.polverini89 A workaround for this will be to select “Mobile web app” and then 'Publish current version" to unpublish the Responsive web App and get back your slot.