[Solved] You can publish at most 2 Web Apps with your current account

Thanks to whoever added the little globe icons on the projects page to show which apps are published. As I’m trying to figure out how in the world to get down to just two published projects, that was pretty useful. EXCEPT that it doesn’t update when I unpublish a project. I’m not at this point sure if unpublishing actually removes the app from my two app quota or not, because I’m still repeatedly trying to unpublish things I’ve already unpublished thanks to the lack of update on that icon.

(Yes, I do have too many apps.)

OK, so I was indeed down to two web apps that were published. But I couldn’t publish one of them again (new update) until I disabled the other one. Best guess? Someone can’t count to two, or forgot to check if the app being re-published is already being counted in one of the two.

I’m done for the night.


I have the same issue.

Yes , even i have the same problem , it shows you cant publish more than 2 web apps with this account , though i have a pro account

Can you post a quick screenshot please @overturner?
Also, just want to confirm you only have one PRO account and you’re definitely using that account?

That’s been around for a while actually - there’s a neat feature in there too where you can link to your published apps in the stores.

I know the feeling! :joy:

It definitely should reflect the published status, looks like the count might not be updating correctly. I’ll report this to a team and we’ll be able to get a fix out for this ASAP, apologies for the inconvenience!



I Have this on top on my page
So I guess i am using my pro account only

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Thanks for the confirmation @overturner (you’d be surprised how often folks are simply using the wrong account!)

We’re triaging the iOS publishing issue at the moment and will work on this next.

Should be able to get this fixed today, apologies again for the inconvenience

No problems , After all mistakes are the stepping stone to success :grinning:

Just by way of an update here, we resolved an iOS publishing issue this morning and are now working on this.

Should have a fix out for the web app count for you shortly @overturner

cc: @catsarisky @bnice


Thank you
i will be waiting :grinning:

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This issue should be fixed now. We will make sure our loyal users with the legacy plan keep enjoying the same benefits.



Ya’ll might want to update the pricing website. A two app limit is a big deal.


Thank you , now i can publish more than 2 web apps :grinning:


Thanks @wei !!!

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