Updating App Without Disturbing Live App

Is there a way to update/add/revisions to the app without disturbing the live app that has already been published?

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Can you explain what you have in mind? Are you wanting to make changes to a data source?

Normally, the app update you send to the App Store or Google Play Store replaces the existing app.


Hi @delee_techdeveloper,

Could you explain what you mean by a Live App?

Do you mean the app you are previewing using the Thunkable Live app?
In this case, any changes you make to the app project will be reflected in the Thunkable Live app - that’s what it is for!

Do you mean an app that has been published as a web app?
In this case, you would need to specifically update your web app by clicking Publish as Web App > Publish Current Version to update your web app with changes you have made to the project. You can’t update your web app accidentally.

Do you mean an app that you have published to the Play Store or App Store?
In this case, like the web app, you would need to go through the steps to publish your app for any changes you made to your Thunkable project to be reflected in your published app. Making changes to your Thunkable project will not automatically update your published app.

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thank you for answering my question, I was referring to when the app is already published into the App Store.

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