Edit after publishing new app

Can someone please point me to info about editing an App after posting live?
Is fixing a bug simple like simply overwriting the current App with the fixed new version?

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That’s right - if you were hypothetically displaying text from a spreadsheet, and the text was incorrect, you’d only have to correct it in the spreadsheet for the change to be reflected in the app.

If there’s a bug in the blocks that needed to be fixed, you’ll have to publish an update to your app to deliver this fix to your users.

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Thx Jane.
Are the Updates subject to review - like I believe your original post would be?

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Yes, your update still needs to be reviewed. The App Store has a process called ‘expedited review’ which you can request to fix a “critical bug” in your existing app. I don’t believe the Play Store has such a feature.


Thx jane.
This may go off topic but still have 2 o/s questions while u r helping me.
a) is $17/mth for pro CAN$ or US$. ?
b) in public I notice my sheet (which takes up 100 % of hight nicely) is almost 2 mm displaced too far down (i.e. NOT WYSIWIG). Will the pro version be any different?

Hi @townythunk

The $17/m is USD

It’s the same designer for free and PRO users. We’re working on improving the WYSIWYG accuracy in the designer, but for the moment we recommend using Thunkable Live to get a rough idea of what your finished app will look like and then install it on a device to get the most accurate picture of what it looks like.

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