🎨 WDC #7 Can you re-create Tom's "Candle or Kitkat" app?

Kitkat or Candle :chocolate_bar: :candle:

I spotted this fun game over on Twitter today and thought “I could make this in Thunkable

Then…I had a better thought…I thought that anyone should be able to make this in Thunkable!

So, I’m going to make a version of my own tomorrow but posting about it hear first as a design challenge of sorts to see if anyone else wants to have a go at making their own?

Don’t forget to leave a “like” on Tom’s tweet to show your support for his original idea. I was chatting with him there and wouldn’t you know it but he’s already a Thunkable user!


In the spirit of sharing, here are a couple of resources to get you started:

Sounds like fun! What’s the deadline?

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I’m going to try to make a version tomorrow and then hopefully a short tutorial about it on Monday…so… Monday?

Also…and completely not the point of this post… but how are folks doing in terms of top scores? :joy:

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I was going to do something swipe-y with a dataviewer list, but custom views are refusing to stay centered. :cry: Maybe there’ll be buttons instead.


I used to love playing You Don’t Know Jack’s “Dis or Dat” game. This is similar. :slight_smile:


I’ve made mine! It’s called HogHouse, and it’s the same thing except it’s between Gryffindor and Slytherin(Harry Potter houses), and not Kitkat and Candles!


It’s not much but it was extremely fun developing it!


7/10 for me! And I am in no way familiar with KitKat flavors😂

Oh wow… this is awesome @codeswept, and a really nice adaptation of the original idea.
I know a lot of Thunkers will be interested in the spinning wheel too - can you tell us a little more about how you made that part?


Thanks! The spinning wheel still isn’t fully developed. I’ll share the code when(and if) I manage to finish it.


Just looked it up - looks like a lot of fun actually!

Amazing, thanks!

I’m not quite done but still wanted to share what I have so far. The timer’s not resetting properly, fyi. And you’re missing the sound effects in the video but anyway:

Sports Team or Endangered Animal???


I’m almost done with actual Candle vs KitKat, but ya’ll are so much more creative!


That’s some cool work, @tatiang !


I thought I’d be done by now, but I’m hitting a bug. The first screen looks exactly how I wanted it to look, but that “let’s play” image doesn’t work yet. The second screen shows what happens when I add a “When Image2 clicked” block. Everything goes wonkus. Help??

Yes, it’s definitely the when clicked block, even with no actions in it, because as soon as I delete it, the “let’s play” image snaps back to where it should be.

ARRGH. How are other people dealing with this sort of problem? I don’t know Thunkable well enough yet to know how to work around it.

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That’s a bit strange. I can see the “Let’s play” block on the right screenshot. It’s just really small and way off to the right. A “When Image2 click” block wouldn’t normally affect the size or position of an image component. Can you post a screenshot of that set of blocks?


That’s the only set of blocks on the screen. If I delete it, Let’s play goes back to where it should be. That’s on an iPhone SE (the little one). If I use my daughter’s iPad, it’s still in the wrong place (not centered where it should be), but at least it is on screen.

Here’s the project: Thunkable

When I Live Test the project, the “Let’s Play” image is tiny and aligned to the right whether or not I have the navigate block connected. I don’t think that has any effect on this issue. Sometimes the preview doesn’t update right away so you might think it’s having an effect when it isn’t.

There’s something else going on and I can’t find what’s causing it. I thought there must be a property (sizing, spacing, etc.) but I don’t see anything obvious that would cause that.

Edit: Although “fill container” should work for the width, it seems to be misaligning your image component. Try changing it to a relative width of 100%:


I’ll try that. May I ask what you’re testing on? I’m on an iPhone SE (the 5S form factor one).

It seems like I’m having a lot more trouble with layout than others, and I wonder if it’s a small screen gremlin. Still, it is the wrong size for you also…?

I just tested it in a browser (Chrome) on a Mac. I didn’t try it on my iPhone.