KitKat or Candle

This started life as an idea I had when browsing Twitter one evening and ended up evolving into a fantastic #wdc

Here’s my project page so you can try it for yourself and remix it for whatever purpose you choose:

If you do end up remixing it, please leave a reply here and let us know what you’ve used it for!


I tried to keep the design as simple as possible while retaining as much of the original functionality as I could. There are 6 labels and 3 (visible!) buttons. One button for each answer and one to start the game. I’m using 1 label to show the question and the other 5 to record what the users answer was and whether or not that answer was correct.

Since this type of scoreboard was new to me I started by adding the blocks for that. To make it as easy as possible on myself I further separated out the functionality into:

  1. Recording the users answer (“C” or “K”)
  2. Using green/red highlighting to show if the answer was correct incorrect.

One other little “hack” I used here was just to test with the word KitKat and Candle because I knew I could come back later with a list of products once I had the scoreboard working:

My first attempt wasn’t great - the answers were clickable before the game started, the scoreboard started in the wrong place and there was no “end game” condition…but it was still a good start.

But I was able to fix them pretty quickly with just a few minor updates:

Once I had the first few bugs ironed out I was able to go back and add in the lists of products.

Finally, once all the products were added in I create a simple score counter and added in a few more (hidden) buttons for remixing the app and sharing the score - try it for yourself and see if you can get 5/5!

Next Steps

At the moment I only have 5 KitKats and 5 Candles, so the obvious thing to do is add in some more. After that, I’ve had a request to make sure no questions get repeated each round and aesthetically I’d like to improve the overall look and feel of the app. Right now I think the only other thing I’d like to add in is a time so that you have to complete the quiz in 30 seconds or so. If you have any features you’d like to see added in, please let me know.

cc: @Community_Testers @Beta_Testers


Thanks to Tom O’Connor who provided inspiration (and permission) for this project. To see the other amazing designs that the rest of the Community came up with check out this post in the #creator-lounge