🕹 WDC #32: What's your favourite #MadeWithThunkable Game?

This September 12 is National Video Games Day and to celebrate we want know know what you’re favourite games are that you’ve seen made with Thunkable.

It can be something you’ve made yourself, something someone else has made or you can create something especially for the event.

At the end we’ll run some polls and distribute prizes to the winners!


one game i enjoy playing (and enjoyed creating) is gotta be that classic sliding tile puzzle (aka 15-puzzle):


Hey , I’m newbie in Thunkable. But I l’d love to participate in one WDC. I just made Donuts video games by following this tutorial How to build a Video Game in Thunkable! - Doughnut Shop Game - YouTube
I love this game so much which reminds me of my childhood memory with appealing UI.
I just want to say this video could hep me a lot in creating games with canvas and sprites with Thunkable. Crd. to the owner of this idea.
HERE is my work >> Thunkable

Can you post a new link? That one isn’t working.

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Oh! Here is Thunkable


I copied the link but couldn’t launch the app using ThunkableLive on my phone… It just shows a blank white screen. It ran with WebPreview though. A good aproach for little kids :blush:
On the other hand, I am blocked in the development of my game by a series of shortcomings regarding layouts designs (which I brought to the attention here on the forum, but I did not receive any solution), so I cannot present myself with anything, Unfortunately. :roll_eyes: :disappointed_relieved:

I’ve made this word game - stretches the grey matter
:green_square::green_square::green_square: Completed todays daily fuzzle in 3m:14s:



this is a nice game! i’m impressed at the concept - two goals (full angram solution and maximum words found) make it extremely playable. thanks for sharing!


thank you - much appreciated- I’m glad you enjoyed playing :smiley:

Hi @domhnallohanlon, I may not be available to participate this event this time. If I can’t, I’ll be soŕry for that. So please let me know that will there be such events same as this one in the future also?

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… if this is 32th edition, as you can see in it’s title, you can bet that will be more editions in the future :wink:

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It certainly did - really enjoyed this @luna_luna

:blue_square::blue_square::blue_square:Completed daily fuzzle no: 1 in 6m:10s: wordfuzzle.com

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I’m glad you enjoyed this game- thank you for the feedback - great time

I “finished” in 1min 40 today (only blues, no greens!) but it didn’t allow me to share for some reason

Also, is there any particular pattern for the core words? (I haven’t managed to find any so far!)

Thanks for playing - I’ve been fiddling with the sharing function - I’ve discovered its a bit of an issue for web apps in that the old method ‘Document.execCommand’ is being deprecated eg doesn’t copy/paste on safari/iPhone.
I’ve been trying the ‘new’ (new to me) navigator.share. Navigator share is better in that it integrates with devices. I’ve made a comment about this on this thread - Please add the option to copy text to clipboard - #10 by tatiang
to see if anyone else has had any experience using this.
You’ll see the screenshots on this thread (iPhone/safari) but I haven’t been able to test it on every device/browser. Unfortunately Its not supported on all browsers (eg chrome Mac OS) so the fallback should be the old method.
But I’ve now noticed a new issue - I cant serve a https secure pages from the thunkable domain which means it has to be served from an external https domain - in this case GitHub- This is an issue for the user as they get to see the external GitHub domain in the message ;-(.
I’ve also been testing this by running the thunkable app as an iframe on a secure domain and trying to reference the files from that domain - but it doesn’t work (also causes other issues with first party cookies). All in all copy/paste appears to be an achilles heal for thunkable web apps.
Can you tell me what device/browser you are using and I’ll test it.

On the blue/green words - I’m the opposite I get very few blue words.
There is no pattern. The core word could be ‘merit’ but a valid blue word could be ‘timer’ both words use the same letters.
At the end of the game the results should show the missing core words.
Ultimately by finishing the puzzle with blue words does showcase your word knowledge!

really appreciate your feedback

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ps - in the settings you can set the games to finish only with core words - but its harder

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:green_square::blue_square::blue_square: Completed daily fuzzle no: 5 in 9m:08s: Wordfuzzle.com

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