Doughnut Shop Video Game Tutorial


I made a video game using Thunkable’s new coolest tool the canvas. There is a tutorial! Click here!

This tutorial teaches you how to replicate the project but also gives you the tools to create your own game!

:mexico: Si inglés no es tu idioma materno también está este tutorial en español :slight_smile:


This is an excellent tutorial. Very clear and it includes some insights into the game development process (e.g. sketching, flowcharting, etc.). Thanks for sharing it!


Such beautiful app. Amazing work :fire: maybe we can build an app together I’m always looking to make my own a Thunkable avengers team

Awesome :slight_smile:
but I realized that there is a small bug - the time starts to run before I hit press :wink:

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Oops! I will look into it :slight_smile: Thanks

Thank you for this tutorial @Sofia !!!

My background in behavior analysis is all about shared and open source info (not as if there aren’t paid services as well) as this permits us to more quickly produce Socially significant beneficial outcomes. Any kind of science should be shared, information should be used to empower others, not hold power over them!!! So again, thank you!