Help to develop a jigsaw game

Hi all, I am studying IT diploma and among of its modules is game development, the lecturer asked us to develop a game to put it in our portfolio.
I need to develop a simple game, it is a jigsaw game.
how can start with this game?
I saw many videos with other apps but I could not find it with Thunkable

Hi and welcome to Thunkable!

How much time are you planning to spend on developing this game? I ask because if you are new to Thunkable, you may need to spend 10+ hours designing it. If you don’t have that much time, I would consider doing something else for this assignment.

Games that do not involve drag-and-drop are going to be much easier to make with Thunkable.

It’s not reasonable for me or anyone else here to tell you how to make a full jigsaw game. So I’d recommend getting started however you can – watching Thunkable tutorials, for example, and then come back to the forums and ask a specific question about a specific step you’re having trouble with.

See this: How to ask Great Questions v2.0

Hi Tatiang
thank you for your reply.
I don’t need the way to make a full jigsaw game. I would like to know if the app itself has a logic to cut the images to pieces or it is better to add the images pieces to the canvas.

Thunkable does not have any image editing features so you would need to import all of your completed images into the project.

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