WDC 3.0 Let's build the classic game "Simon"

Did you design that in figma? Love the ui @domhnallohanlon

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sweet, the leaderboard is great (@manyone is just ahead of me, at-time-of-writing)

Sure did, and I’m teaching everyone else how to Figma now too :joy:


Riffing (pun intended ) on the original Simon game, I’m calling this one “The Same Four Chords.” It’s based on a recent lawsuit against Ed Sheeran. His argument was that many pop songs all share the same four chords: C major, F Major, A Minor, and G Major.

There is a good video from the comedy band Axis of Awesome that discusses the same thing, but it’s got some NSFW language so I won’t post it here. :upside_down_face:

Anyways, here’s the app to play and compose along:


This is so great - i’d like this post twice if I could!

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Happy to share my version of the Simon app.
To build it I used the template @Kyle_Williams shared here: Memory Master - “Simon”

Here you can find the project: Project link


Thanks @ioannis (and @Kyle_Williams!) it’s great to see folks building on top of one another’s work. I’ve also used Kyle’s sound effects in my project.

It’s called Simon100 because I (just about!) managed to get the whole thing built in under 100 blocks:

I haven’t updated the design much, and there’s a full tutorial on how to re-create this yourself here

Web App

If you just want to play the game you can do so here:

Project Link

And here’s a copy link so you can build on it yourself


i made one too! (minimalist -it’s what i know!) and “legacy” (can’t handle change!)

i got ideas by “borrowing” logic flows from @codeswept and @domhnallohanlon - thanks a lot!

here’s my link

(how can i post the playable version with option to remix, or no-option, the way others do?)

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Are you looking for the project details page @manyone ?

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 11.48.29

Thanks for sharing this, for some reason the sounds aren’t playing for me, do they work for you?