Memory Master - "Simon"-style memory game in Thunkable X


The Memory Master app is a simple game, based on the “Simon” electronic memory games. The computer generates a pattern of sounds/lights, and the user must repeat the pattern. The pattern grows longer each time the user repeats it successfully, and the game gets faster as your score increases.


The UI consists of a button for starting the game, rows which display the current, high, and overall high score (cloud-based), and the gameplay field, comprised of four buttons.


The general idea is:

  1. User presses new button and the computer begins play
  2. Computer randomly adds an integer between 1 and 4 to a string of text
  3. The numbers (1-4) represent each of the four color buttons, which are “lit up” and play sounds to the user during the computer’s turn
  4. On the player’s turn, the player must push the buttons in the same order they were displayed by the computer
  5. The program iterates through each of the string’s characters to make sure they match, and generates a score based on how many match
  6. The player’s score is determined by the length of the successfully matched string of text (for example, a high score of 7 might be represented in the blocks by a string such as “31442314”
  7. The player’s score is compared to the stored high score and, if larger, replaces the stored high score. It is also compared against the “cloud” high score and, if player’s score is higher, that score is replaced with the player’s high score.

The best way to figure out how it works is to start messing with the blocks, so please remix it! I would love to see your results if you mess with it, so please share here.


This is such an amazing app @Kyle_Williams, thanks for sharing with us.

I’d love to build something like this myself!

I have found one
This one has Live Scoreboard. Wish it could support Apple Watch too… :slight_smile:
@Kyle_Williams @domhnallohanlon

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