WDC 3.0 Let's Build "GoLo"

We’ve been blown away by all the entries into wdc last week (check it out here if you want a recap) and excited to keep the momentum going with this.

Since tomorrow marks the start of the Solheim Cup and next Friday is the beginning of the Ryder Cup I think we should go with a Golf theme for this challenge.

:golf: Let’s build GoLo

The objective in golf is to get the lowest score possible, and GoLo (go-low!) recreates all this fun and excitement using Dice

After each roll you must take at least one score (though you can lock in more if you like) and add it to your scorecard.

I had never heard of this game before so I looked it up on YouTube and there are plenty of examples like this that explain the idea quite well

At it’s simplest you just need 9 (or maybe 10?) buttons for this, but there’s so much you could do with the design, the scorecard, creating custom courses, making Figma animations…the list goes on and on.

Free Template?

Again, we want to make this as accessible as possible so happy to share a free template to help folks get started - just reply to the poll below:

Would you like a free template app?
  • Yes - send me a template!
  • No thanks, I’m good
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Good luck!


Love this! In India, I don’t think golf is a common sport so this will take a bit of research, but I’m excited to try something new!

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Just leaving this here to remind everyone of the results from the last Ryder Cup (somehow my memory has conveniently forgotten the winners of the last Solheim Cup :man_shrugging:)


For sure - it definitely doesn’t have the universal appeal of some other sports, but GoLo itself is essentially a simple dice game (9 random number generators) so I felt it would be a good fit for the Challenge.


I’ve just sent out the first templates to folks who voted in the poll yesterday - if you want yours just leave a vote and I’ll send one over!

Also, I managed to shoot a (world record?) 16 under this morning, so pretty pleased with how my day is going so far :joy:

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Hello @domhnallohanlon! It looks like a very cool game!
Never played it before. Happy to play it through apps that will be made for the challenge!

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Thanks @ioannis - yeah it was a new one to me too, but when I watched the video and saw that it was just 9 dice it knew folks in the Community would come up with some great interpretations (since previous Dice apps biult by members of this community have gone on to achieve over 1 million downloads!)

The starter template has been improved in the meantime too - I’ve DM’d the link to 6 people so far and if anyone wants a copy for themselves all you have to do is vote in the poll above



hope everyone had a great weekend, here’s what I managed:

You can try it out for yourself here:

How’s everyone else doing?
cc: @versatile @tanishq @maotou @steve_synopsis @jaythemanchs