WDC? Yes, please!

Hey all,

I’ve been really busy running a tinkering summer camp for kids 7-11 years old. I absolutely love helping kids to learn how to use power tools and build huge things out of wood but… it’s exhausting and so I haven’t been as active on the forums these past couple weeks.

I really hope WDC continues… we’ve missed a few weekends and I’m ready to get back in the coding ring, so to speak!

@domhnallohanlon ???

Last week’s theme was “Swallowed by a Whale”:


Wow - these look awesome, you can almost smell the salty air! :ocean:

Thank you for the encouragement and enthusiasm - ok, let’s keep the WDC show on the road.

What challenge should we undertake next?

Next WDC Challenge
  • Grocery List App
  • Hangman-style Game
  • Choose-your-own-adventure Game
  • Other (leave a comment and I’ll count the likes)

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That’s amazing @tatiang ! Is that a roller-coaster/ slide type of thing? Looks like a lot of fun.

By the way @domhnallohanlon a Hangman app theme would be super cool!


It is! It was a short, sweet ride down a slanted set of rails. The rollercoaster “cart” was on wheels and one kid at a time was able to ride down “into the whale.”


Wow! If only I’d been in California at the time, haha! Was this workshop only for the kids who go to the school you teach at?

Believe it or not, we’ve had kids from around the world. Most of the kids are from our school but sometimes we have kids from other schools, other cities, other states or even other countries.

People hear about the founder of the camp, Gever Tulley, and they decide to send their kids to Tinkering School. Our camp is an offshoot of that but we partner with his organization.

You can see one of his Ted Talks here: Gever Tulley: Life lessons through tinkering | TED Talk


i wouldd like to make some apps instead of games tho and the grocery list app is another gud idea but @domhnallohanlon if you have any app idea do tell…
maybe we can make an app like some sorta weather or map app

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I would like to make a pedometer app
If that’s not possible my vote goes with grocery list

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Wow, that’s really, really interesting!

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I’m most excited about a choose-your-own-adventure game but it’s also the most daunting. I’ve tried to make them before and found the data structure to be a real challenge.


We’re back - this week’s challenge is live!!

🎨 WDC #19 Can you rebuild the "Out of Milk" app?

Thank you @lukehoogenboom0i @sohan.s @tatiang @muneer @codeswept @manyone @eko.devs.apploroceo @overturner