🎮 WDC #20 Can you build your own "Hangman"-style word game?

@tatiang well you were supposed to type the whole word
You can also see the other app by using the bottom tab navigator
(Thanks for your feedback , I will try to change it to accepting only the missing letters, but for now, that’s how it works)


I had the same confusion tatiang did! :slight_smile: Maybe you just need to add a label with some instructions.


Thanks for the Feedback @catsarisky & @tatiang I Have Added It.
I also Added some other features like lives etc.(They’re still in the testing stage) :grinning:
Hi All (@catsarisky @tanish-satpal @cttricks @tatiang @manyone @lukehoogenboom0i @codeswept)
Is It Possible for us to start the voting(I am very impatient :rofl:)
I have a draft ready :partying_face:

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I tried it but I need your help. I made the design. Now I cannot understand how to do the code. My design is different as it has 6 images for hangman and win image and lose image. There is a text input which would take a letter and aa button to execute the action. I need help. If a person writes a wrong letter, it would be shown below wrong letters. If you see the design, you will understand everything. I need your help for the CODE. This is the link- Thunkable

open your project and click on the hidden menu on the left so you can learn how to code usig thunkable. good luck!

click on the left arrow next to “User Interface” to expand the menu.

the tutorials appear:


When we’ll start new WDC #21


Voting? I’m sorry, what for?

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For Next WDC #21

Ohhh. Is it a design challenge or a game challenge this week?

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I’m also not knowing about it
It will be decided by votes only :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grin: :grin:

I wanted voting for the winner @codeswept :grinning:


Waiting for that aswel.
cc: @domhnallohanlon

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Back to the classic design challenge this week folks (sorry I didn’t have a chance to put up a poll yesterday, will do one for the game jam next week!)

cc: @codeswept @rishabh_2008 @overturner @lukehoogenboom0i

Haven’t forgotten about this either - will get a vote going for this early next week!


Thank you @domhnallohanlon for the reply , i was wondering did you mean we wont have the voting for this wdc or we will have it early next week?

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Thank you @domhnallohanlon

No voting for WDC this week, but next week we’ll have votes for the Community choice (winner!) of WDC 20 and another one to pick the game for WDC 23




Thank you , understood


I was taking the help of this MIT APP Inventor video-AppyBuilder: Hang Man Tutorial - YouTube . i am not able to make the code for it on thunkable

you’re not going to learn thunkable that way - you will probably learn appy builder, though. you can “translate” the blocks in appy builder to thunkable by using similar blocks but you have to be already familiar with thunkable to do that. if you really want to learn thunkable, you have to start with this link: https://docs.thunkable.com/ and watch the tons of videos (using thunkable, though!) and actually start building projects in thunkable - start simple. even hangman is not really that simple but you can do it in thunkable if you take the time to learn it. you can’t take a shortcut - you can’t dive into fractions if you haven’t even learned addition. good luck - you will have fun learning thunkable! if you prefer appy builder, i assure you, you’ll have fun learning that too.