🎮 WDC #12 Let's Play Whac-a-Mole™️

Cool, that’s great! It was really brave of you and @catsarisky to use the canvas. Honestly, I’m frightened about using the canvas, I don’t know a thing about it. Instead, for my Guac-A-Mole app, I used buttons for the tortillas.

@codeswept - wow! that’s impressive - it’s such a simple concept but with clever use of sliders for difficulty level - not to mention the math and memory skills it develops in the player! i always enjoy looking at your code - so much to learn from. keep it up! thanks.


The canvas was a real learning curve but I feel empowered now (thanks, @domhnallohanlon, for the challenge!).

I added a restart button as you requested. Same link as before.


Wow, that was quick!

Agree… I’m just using canvas for drawing apps, and not gaming as intended.

Also, @tatiang, about the 2+3=6 issue, check my 3d screenshot in my original post. It has the same 2+3 level, but contains a 5, not 6.

@manyone Thanks for your nice words… I’m also a big fan of your code, you make such impossible things with such neat code. I especially loved your CLIX converter. Are you going to participate in this WDC? I’d love to see what you’ve got to share.

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i’m afraid not - there is so much for me to learn on clones, canvas and sprites - i’m so far behind all of you guys.

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@tatiang - i love the game! somehow my device isnt too responsive to the up/down keys to move the bartender - can you give an option to make them “wrap around” ? bravo!


Thanks! The original Tapper game didn’t have wrap around so I don’t think I’m going to make it an option but it would certainly make the game a little easier.

The up/down buttons work okay on mine but I think part of the problem is that I’m constantly checking to see if the customers reach a certain x position to indicate game over and there’s probably a much more efficient way to do that that doesn’t affect the game speed/responsiveness.

I also intend to make the customers speed up gradually. Still need to add that. They are supposed to spawn at x=0 (left edge of screen) but because of the position bug I keep mentioning, it doesn’t work that way and they get a head start.

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Canvas is a very weak spot of mine too… I used the Any component blocks and Buttons.

Can you see if the current version is any better as far as the up/down buttons go? I replaced the x position checking blocks with a collision event block and I’m hoping that helps.


the up and down buttons are more responsive now - but there’s something about the y-pos of the bartender - sometimes it doesn’t “line up” with bar - sometimes he’s lower (seems never higher) - and a new customer shows up not AT the bar but between 2 bars. also sometimes when the bartender is at the top bar, clicking the button will send the drink to the next bar below. (only happens occasionally when bartender is a top bar only). otherwise - it is a challenging game.

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YEP. That’s the positioning bug I’m so annoyed by. The y positions don’t line up because when I set a sprite’s y position to 0, it ends up being like 10.98754331 or 22.68913123 or some crazy value.

The blocks I used just add or subtract 100 from the bartender’s y position. So since the bartender starts at y=100, the position of that sprite should always be a multiple of 100. But it isn’t. :frowning:

So I can’t ensure that the bar is in the right place or the customer is or even the bartender/player. It’s a mess. Once that bug gets fixed, my game should work perfectly. :slight_smile:

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By the way, I used https://www9.lunapic.com/editor to do quick opacity editing of images (for slightly transparent backgrounds, etc.).


i haven’t done sprite coding yet - but can’t you recompute sprite y as 100* (round(returned sprity-y / 100))?
you might have to add 1 (to avoid y=0)

btw - i can’t open your project - i get this message below.
ERROR for site owner:
Invalid domain for site key

My project is still private. But the playable web app is at http://bit.ly/icedteatoss2.

I thought about rounding but I’m also hoping that this gets fixed so that a simple set y to 0 means that y is 0. I’m not doing any math or using any variables. Just y=0.


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Updated my app to include:

  • Users can choose switch on and off a 30 second timer.
  • App now displays lapsed time.
  • Shows user’s fastest time taken.

Sounds effects and more coming soon.
You can try the new version using the same link.


So cool :slight_smile:


By Abhijeet (@beepboopbopboom)




Screenshot 2021-04-26 1.34.52 PM Screenshot 2021-04-26 1.34.24 PM Screenshot 2021-04-26 1.33.19 PM

I only modified the UI, that’s it. I changed the sprites too, but the UX and code were mostly the same. I did the canvas thing because I’m good with the canvas. :blush:

To win the game, you must tap the red beaver sprites and avoid tapping the white impostor beaver. You earn a point by tapping a red beaver sprite, and you lose a point by tapping a white impostor sprite. When you reach 10 points, you will receive a congratulations message. If you ever hit -5 points, you will receive another message.

You can notify me of any feedback that you have in the PM or right here. I will accept anything.

P.S. I also forgot to add that my original app and this remixed version were both inspired by the Mole Mash game by Mr. Wolber.


well i try to make my project but somewhy it does not work can someone help me - Thunkable

Great work all. I did think of an idea for a game. (sorry, have to concentrate on my project). Whac-a-Trump :rofl: And to spice it up, add the other presidents that come out of the white house and later, world leaders but you can only whac Trump. ps. I am not anti Trump, just thought he would be perfect.

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