Way to launch an Android app without URL scheme?


This goes to the Android & X experts:

is there a way to use the open link block to launch an app that does not seem to have an url scheme integrated? Reason I am asking is because I implemented this feature for iOS but for the same app on Android I cannot find an url scheme / deeplink. However my thought was that there must be a way to launch the app via activities or intents?

When I was searching for a scheme I tried several developer tool apps and they also could launch the installed app even tough there is no scheme…

Hopefully somebody can help me figure this out otherwise I’ll have to remove this feature for the android version :confused:

Best, Chris

not sure if it makes a hug difference or not @Chris, but are you trying to deeplink to an app made with Thunkable X or is it a third-party app?

it’s a third-party app. On iOS they integrated a url scheme notruf:// but on Android that does not work unfortunately :frowning: