URL Schemes in Thunkale


As I was scrolling through articles on google, I stumbled upon a topic regarding Apple reintroducing URL Schemes to their iOS related devices. So I thought

“Why don’t I try to develop a program which lists and runs these schemes”

This leads me to the conclusion that,


  • You can run and open URL Schemes
  • It is possible to access user-installed apps (such as Thunkable)
  • You can open preset apps, eg Maps, Settings, Camera, Photos App etc


  • I have not found a way to open android schemes due to the lack of an android device to test on
  • Some apps may not open, depending on the device type, model, or restrictions
  • Windows does ask for user-granted permission to open apps

App Project Page: Thunkable
Please preview on this website: thunkablecompanion

Happy Coding, Jay

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