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Have a nice day, everyone! I ran into a problem with launching a third-party application… I used the "open link " block, but to no avail… I searched the forums, including here: button click open another app thunkable - #2 by albert
Everything is simple on appInventor…ActiveStarter and everything works…If you don’t mind, please, someone show an example of how to start the application…I will be very grateful to you! Broke my brain ;(

How did you set it up? Without seeing your blocks, it’s really hard to know why it didn’t work.

Good afternoon! I have a car app. There are three buttons. Two of them are for calling a specific number and sending SMS to that number. And the “musik” button should launch the player (in my case, “AIMP”).

here is some simple code…but…how to run the application?

so it doesn’t work…
so too…
although the links “tel:” and “sms:” work
I switched to thunkable with APP INVENTOR. THERE WERE NO PROBLEMS WITH THIS … just pointed out a link, for example,

this one and everything works.
Please tell me what I’m doing wrong.
:thinking:Thanks a lot!

Can you post the url you’re trying to open as text rather than a screenshot? Because neither of the urls you show in the screenshots above work in a browser.

Also, do you have a screenshot of the blocks that do work to open that url in App Inventor?

If you’re trying to do deep linking, Thunkable does not support it: OneSignal deep linking - #4 by jared

it’s a pity that I can’t run the application installed on the phone …here is an example on the appinvertor …
maybe you know some player that can run thunkable .
Thank you for your patience…I’m just getting started…

maybe it’s easier to write a simple player that plays random tracks? What do you think? are there any solutions? :roll_eyes:

When you say you have a car app, do you mean an app that someone might use as a passenger on their phone? Or do you mean an app that is part of the car’s GUI?

I’m also curious why you’re including a music player. Most people have a service they use such as Apple Music or Spotify. Are you needing to include custom tracks?

If so, yes, you can build a simple music player in Thunkable. There are some issues with playback, stopping sounds and setting the volume so I’d recommend making a quick prototype before you spend a lot of time on it.

Many thanks! You suggested a good solution!
This is how the Amazon Music app starts. A logical question arises: is it possible to close the application or stop playback when pressing the stop button?
Once again Thank you very much!

I don’t know any way to send a command to an external website you don’t own from within Thunkable other than through an API.

You could hide the web viewer if you were using the web viewer but the open link block opens the default browser on the device so… no.

Many thanks! The road will be mastered by the walking one! I rebuilt the application on AppInventor, everything works as I wanted… It’s not so beautiful, of course, but nothing… Good mood to everyone and good luck… I started learning the code, you can’t do without it… :wink:

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