Want to get my thoughts clear/straight

Hi Community Members,
(A newby question)
I just want to get things clear and straight for myself and see if my thoughts are correct.
Before I was also using Glide and things are different with Thunable.
For my Glide app, I am using a Google Sheet for my data. But I noticed that sometimes it is slow and sometimes it takes some time before the information/data on my screen is changed.
I know that I also can use a Glide table, but some data I wanted to have still in the Google Sheet.
Now I want to create the same app in Thunkable.
For me a way to get to learn and know Thunkable and see what is possible.
I know that in Thunable you also have a local table.
If I use the local table, can it also happen that the app sometimes is slow?
As far as I can see or think about it, it should not be slow.
Because it is local, it is on your mobile device, so it should not be slow.
Unless you use for example Google Sheets, then every time it needs to get its data over the internet or Wifi.
My other thing is, if you use a local table, does this also mean you can use the app offline?
For Glide, you always need to be online to get the app to work. I understand that this is the way the platform works, so you cannot do anything about it.
But sometimes I need to be offline, but still want to check my app for some data. And that is at that time not possible.
I hope someone can confirm my thoughts or tell me that I am wrong. :slight_smile:
Many thanks for all your replies.

Yes, with a local data source it can work offline and should be faster than a cloud-based database.


In case I want to change some data or remove one or more rows of data, do I need to go to that project, and go to the storage/data screen and can I by hand do these things?
I think I can change data there by hand, but I am not sure how to remove a whole row of data.
If I empty each cell by hand, then I am left with an empty row.

When editing a local data source, you can right-click on a row and choose “remove row.”

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I did not know this :slight_smile:
It worked :slight_smile:

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Searching for a record is an issue with local tables. If you know the row number of the record you want to retrieve, it works very fast.
However, I haven’t found a way to search on any other value other than record_id. Therefore I get tables sorted in Xano is a specific number order so that I can quickly retrieve the data I need within my app.

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