Can't Create Row in Local Table


I am having issues writing to a local table creating in Thunkable. The same code works fine creating rows in a Google Sheet, but not for the local table.

I would continue using Google Sheets but a change in policies makes my students unable to use Google Sheets as a source so trying to get the local table to work. I can display data from the table to the app, but I can’t create new rows for some reason.

Thanks for any help, here is a link and screenshot of the code.


It is working but you won’t be able to see your data on the table of the data sources tab. You have to view it within the app.

I created a new page called Feedback Viewer so you can see it working.

Thanks, I can see that. Is that how it is designed to work? As a feedback form I don’t want the data in the app, I want in the table hidden from everyone.

The feedback table will be saved on the device you’re using. You can also use Airtable instead of Google Sheets. I’m sure there are other workarounds you can do to view it in the cloud. Can you give me an idea of what kind of app you’re trying to build?

If you don’t need to view the feedback from another device, then you can remove the feedback viewer from the Navigator and on the Feedback page make a cheat code to get into the Feedback viewer.

Thanks again. This would be ok for me but I’m actually teaching a class and the assignment requires the students to create a feedback page in their app to collect user data. So the form you saw is probably what most will create, or something very similar.

The nice thing about the Google Sheets integration is that when the submit button is pressed, you can watch in real time the new row and data populate the sheet. This is really a powerful demonstration of how these things work. Not sure why they choose to not update the local table, but it loses the impact I’m looking for.

Interestingly I tried Airtable and am having the same issue, although it’s not really an option to go that route anyway.