Vertical scrolling


I do not know how to implement scrolling. It is a simple design, I just have an image with a participate button followed by other images below. However, every time I set an image below the other one, both sizes decrease rather than allowing for scrolling. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


Go to the Screen properties, go towards somewhere near the bottom, there is a switch which says ‘Scrollable’. Click on that.

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Hi @lukas_b_98knm

I’d guess that you have the height of your images set to “fill container”
Also, what sort of app are you trying to make? The Data Viewer might be a better fit for you?

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@drted @domhnallohanlon I have activated “scrollable”. But every time I add a new image it makes the rest smaller. There should only be two pictures visible, the rest only when scrolling.
Please let me know what I am missing here

Change the image component height to an absolute value.


Thanks, I tried that but it does not change anything. Sorry if I did not understand your advice correctly.

What does the preview look like?

u mean to do it from data viewer llist?

I share some screenshots including the preview of how it looks like. Let me know if you know what I can do about it.