Scrollable screen is cut off

I’ve set the screen to scrollable and would like to be able to scroll through 5 rows of image and label, but on the live test it cuts off the bottom and top and in the design it completely cuts off a row. How do I see all rows?

Move all your content into a column then set the height to a fixed value like 500 and the column to scrollable

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Sorry this Didn’t work!

Hi @TheGenius,

Make sure the containers that your image, label & button are in are all set to fit contents. Fill container will cause issues like this.

Hope this helps.

Checked all possibilities. Not working.


Would you mind sharing a link to your project so I can take a closer look?

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Thank you for your support.

Just checked problem in the Thunkable Live Companion app. No cropping when actual apk installed.

Still requesting all users to check.

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Hi @TheGenius,

So I just took a look at your project. All the rows are fine, they’re set to fit contents.


  • set the screen scrollable to False
  • the column that parents the rows, set scrollable True
  • the column that parents the rows, set height to Fit Contents

Completely optional but in the screen properties, set contents to align top. This way if you view it on a tablet the content will all be at the top of the screen and not floating in the middle.

I had taken a screen recording to show you it working fine in live companion app but there is an issue at the moment with uploading content to the community.

Let me know how you get on, it seems to work fine on my end after these fixes.


Wonderful. It worked just as expected. Perfect Solution.

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