Add scrollable vertical bar on a screen of a project. Thanks

I can not figure out how to add the vertical scroll bar on a screen of a project (like in the picture below) in order to continue adding images vertically on the screen


use vertical arrangement and there is a option to make it scrollable and welcome to our commmunity :smile:

Thanks for the reply. But I don’t find the option to make it scrollable. My situation is best illustrated in the photo below. Thanks

Unfortunately, the design window does not scroll even if the screen is set to scroll. At runtime the screen scrolls, but not at design time :-(.

To get around this problem:

  1. set the screen to not scroll
  2. As the first component on the screen add a column.
  3. Set the column to scrollable.
  4. Put all other components inside the column.

Now the column will resize at design time so you can see everything


@mauro.drghk have you considered using the Data Viewer list for this? Seems like it might be a more scalable/maintainable approach?


Thanks. It works.