Problems with Scrolling

I’m new here and I’m having big problems building apps. To be very specific with the components within a screen, I’ve changed the layouts of the designs several times to see if it worked, but the problem continues. As I add the components they are on top of each other and even with the "scrolling enabled, it does not go down and keeps showing at the end of the screen only a piece of the components. I also saw this message about screens in docs “crollable
Default ( false ). Indicates whether the screen is scrollable. For scrollable to work, you must also set your screen height to fit contents and the components in your screen must have heights set in absolute pixels”. I did this but the problem is that the icon I created gets too small on the screen if I only work with Width. I do not know what else to do with the thunkable platform, I saw that it has enough functions, but there are days that I’m trying to add items and components, without any success, I’m already discouraged. I know the potential of the platform, but I’m going through problems, because I’m new and I’m wanting to make an application as soon as possible.

another try mine, I tried to add without changing the height, but the icon is still very small

Look this result

Help me please.

Hi @athyllaoficialaeipse,

For the first screenshot, I suggest just putting everything in a column and then making that column Fit Components and then set it to scrollable. Also, have you tried testing on your phone?

For the second and third screenshot where you said the button is too small, you can set the button height to something like 100 to make it bigger, especially with your background picture resize mode being contain.

thanks for return my question, I tried but in docs talk about scrolling and is recomended no change the height, just to “fit contents” for the components, if I no change the height in image, my picture will get small.:confused: