Scrollable Screen and Spacing

Hi ! I have some issues with the design of screens, for example when I dont activate the Screen option “Scrollable” the screen looks good.

When I activate the option Scrollable , the screen lost the porportions and spacing between components:

And other thing, when the App show the keyboard the spacing and proportions changes between components. The image “Logo” is at the top of the screen and the spacing between components is reduced so much.

Thanks in advance, greetings ! :smiley:


Can you give me a link to your project so I can look at it on my device?

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Active the Scrollable function in the Screen and tell me please if you have this issue :smiley: , I made this project only for test the space between components haha :frowning:

Try in the additional properties Screen1 set minHeight = 100%. On iOS this works but I do not have the ability to test it on Android.

I’m not sure that currently Thunkable X works correctly with all properties on the Advanced Properties tab (and Scrolling = true). Therefore, I would do as on Screen2 - worked only with indents in the Spacing category and all container sizes = Fit contents as it shown in the project

Still don’t work, I will wait to the final version to work in Thunkable X, anyway thanks for the answers, greetings :slight_smile: