Variable selection not updating when between screens in edit mode

I have noticed that sometimes when I to select a variable from a dropdown that it does not exist in the list and I have to do a refresh to get it to show up.

The screenshot below is a prime example which shows variables which are applicable to the previous screen that I was on.

Getting the problem in Edge and Firefox/

App variables and stored variables are “global” variables and should show up on ALL screens.

Are you saying that when you initialize a new variable using an initialize block on one screen and then go to a different screen, those initialized variables don’t appear in the variables drop-down menu?

For example app variable numLocations doesn’t appear in the menu.

Each time I move between screens, some of the variables go missing and I have to refresh the page to see them. If I forget to refresh the page, any changes to variables are not saved so the previews are inaccurate.

Have a look at this video.

Confirmed to happen in Edge, Firefox and Chrome.

What should we be looking for? Which specific variables are missing in that video? And are they variables you’ve created using an initialize block? You’ve mentioned this issue a few times in this thread without giving enough details for it to be solved.

These are the variables that are initialised in this screen.

2023-09-11 08 01 30 (3)

If you check the video at 0:03 you see these variables that are available - numLocations, listLocations, location, locationsObject are missing.

2023-09-11 08 01 30

which are variables that are defined in the previous screen.

After I do a refresh of the browser, the variables available change to these (0:22 in the video) - now I get the locationsObject, numLocations, listLocations and location.

2023-09-11 08 01 30 (2)

I get the same results in all browsers as well as in InPrivate tabs.

Hello @steve_synopsis,
Thank you for sharing all the details and the video.
I tried to replicate on another project by updating an existing variable or creating a new one and I always have all the variables in all the pages.

Could you please share the specific project URL in a personal message so we can investigate it further?
You could copy it from the top of your browser.

Hello @steve_synopsis! Thank you for sharing your project.
Still, I wasn’t able to replicate the issue.
Maybe is caused by the internet connection you have or the device you are using.
Is it possible to connect to a different network or device?

Will try a different device and update you.

I tried on a different device and on a different network and got the same result.

Even tried using a VPN, made no difference.

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