Issues with variables disappearing or not available for selection


I raised this issue a while ago of variables not being able for selection between screens and sometimes just disappearing.

The problem went away but I experienced again yesterday.

On screen scnRetailer, I initialise and store a value in variable “retailer” and do the same for variable “location” in scnLocation. However, in scnBarcode at first, only location is available in the dropdown list (not retailer). If I refresh the screen, location is now replaced by another variable - brand.

I have a screencast here.

I have tried this in Edge, Chrome and Firefox on different devices with the same results. Would appreciate any assistance.

@matt_conroy @ioannis

Sorry, just realised that forgot to include the screencast.

@matt_conroy @ioannis

We can take a look. Can you send us (DM is fine) the project URL? These kinds of issues can be tricky to replicate sometimes. Thanks!

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