Variable increment affecting all screen

I’m a newbie and have been struggling. Trying to put together the following app.
Screen 1 - Welcome, start quiz
Screen 2 - First question with 4 buttons for answers
(If correct answer is picked then navigate to Correct screen where there is a Congrats. If a wrong answer is picked then navigate to Wrong screen where there is a Sorry.)
Screen 3 - Second question.
(If correct answer is picked then navigate to Correct screen where there is a Congrats. If a wrong answer is picked then navigate to Wrong screen where there is a Sorry.)
This repeats itself for 10 questions.
My problem is navigating from the Correct or Wrong screens to the next question. I tried setting a variable to 0 and then increasing it by one at each question screen. then when the app navigates to the Correct or Wrong screen then it would take the user to the next question based on the value of the variable.
I would also like a counter to keep track of right answers and give a final score on the final screen.
From what I’ve read doesn’t look like I can have one variable that all screens can increment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m new at this, so example blocks would be very helpful.

To create a variable available on all screens, use the Local Storage component.

If I were you, I would not make a separate screen for each question. If there are 100 questions, then you will not do 100 screens? Try to simplify your task. Many screens - a lot of problems, and the quiz can be done with the help of 1, 2 or 3 screens.

Can you help me envision this. A screen is only so big. If I have 10 questions with possible answers, how would I fit all of this on just a few screens. Also, how do the local storage blocks work. Can you send block examples of using local storage. How to initialize, then increment. Thanks

Local Storage acts as a global key-value pair. An example of the blocks for working with it can be found here:

To increase the value of the variable use the block “change by”. This block appears when you create a variable.

First draw on paper (or in a graphics editor) interface of each screen and draw connections between them what should happen when you click on a particular control. For example, run the application -> show screen saver. Next? Show the screen issue. This screen is not the first or second question, and a universal screen which should display the next question, its answer choices and some control elements. So, the questions and answers you must download from the list.

Such a graphic scheme will allow you to visually see what you need to do. If you take everything out of you head, it application development much more complicated and have a lot to redo it several times. In the process of drawing you will have issues how to do this, how to do that. You will need to do in a Thunkable X sketch - see how workes this or that block or component. Try a complex task into several simple.

Understand how is the splash screen, then how the data from Excel to turn into the list, etc. You need to come up with a data structure for your questions. I would have done in Excel in a table, right after the last cell where you have inserted a # symbol. This symbol is required to separate lines, as when you copy data from Excel copied the tabs, the form feed character is replaced with the space that we need.

Begin to do your project and then ask if something will be difficult.



Thank you so much. I will get to it.