Can we save data from multiple screens?

so I have multiple screens in my app and I wanna get all the data and store it in the database. so I decided to use 1 variable in each screen and save the data in the list and on the screen where I save the data there again I’m gonna use 1 variable where all the other variables are stored in list? But this isn’t working. any other easy and quick solutions for getting and saving data from multiple screens and saving it in 1.

Using a variable (or more than one) is absolutely the right way to move values between screens. I’m not sure what you meant here:

You can certainly use one Thunkable variable to hold a list or an object, either of which could be a way to move multiple values between screens. You could also have a variable for each value you want to move around. It depends on your use case. If you want help figuring out why your approach isn’t working, you’ll have to post some blocks.

If your app has a LOT of blocks at this point, I HIGHLY recommend making a project that just shows your (failing) attempt to move variables between screens. (Sort of a ‘minimum working example’, but not actually working yet.) It’s super easy to debug 20 blocks of code trying to do one thing. It’s a lot harder to debug thousands of blocks. :slight_smile: Sometimes when I build my minimum example, I discover my problem. But if I don’t, then I have a really simple case that shows the problem, and it’s easier to get help for it.

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ok, so my logic is right them maybe it’s not working cause I am using Gmail as a key I have used these blocks to replace “@” and “.” hope it’s right?

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in would not work in my case cause them it will take more than 50 variables

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So what happens when you click the button? What’s the error?

there’s no error for signing in. Once I enter my data and click on the save button then my data is not being shown in the database. This is how I’m saving the data on each screen:

and this is how I’m saving data in the database

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Words used as key should not contain some of the characters and one of them is “@”

Check Firebase documentation to see the list of all illegal characters in database keys.

this is what I see. but I have replaced “.” with “o”… I hope there is no mistake in saving the data?

So for your save block, what’s the output of the error block? That’s where to look for the problem

You need to temporarily show what the error block has in it. Put it in a label somewhere.

This one:

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ok so i change my code to this:


this is my current code and error!

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the second one is @ i change it

its showing different errors everytime and also when its showing the error
it also says
“0.3” what does this indicate? maybe as these “.” as not replaces its showing an error

Awesome. So that’s informative. Sounds like you need to check the blocks that should substitute.

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Well, it made more sense before you withdrew a bunch of posts!


what are they?

She means all these. Don’t keep deleting posts. Instead, edit them to reflect your updated thoughts.


The sign in block is going to need the actual email. That’s probably the source of your latest error.

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ok sure